The beginning

Cancer Care Welfare Foundation (CCWF), Started in 1982, with a few people under a 'wooden hut' in the hospital premises of the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama, Sri Lanka, has been providing services for poor cancer patients and their families all over the country for three decades.

We started to provide shelter and food, free of charge, to the patients and their family members who were in need. After a few years, We extended our services by providing medication, medical equipments to the hospital and daily needs for patients.


Great Service to the Hospital

Our founders worked hard to develop our welfare center and facilities, collecting dry rations and medical drugs walking door to door and shop to shop, without mass media publicity. The unfortunate situation here is the poverty of the families of the patients. We have identified some patients lacking of financial support to buy expensive medicines which are not available in the hospital, which cost Rs.3000 to Rs.10000 or more. Some patients in the I.C.U. wards which have to be provided such drugs daily for one week to one month or more to survive. In this kind of situations CCWF coordinate our donors and well-wishers to contribute to buy medicines as soon as possible.


Our Vision

A safe nation free from the fear of cancer.


Our Mission

Cancer care welfare Foundation - Enhances living forces of patients against the fear of cancer and organizes people to support poor communities with medical and living needs.

Board of Directors

Rev. Vegantale Seewale

Cancer hospital temple vice president & All island justice of the peace, Chairman

Ven Henegama Dhammadhara

Chief incumbent & Wanavasa, chapter western province advisor

Dr. Lavan Selvaratnam

D.M.O., General Hospital, Vavuniyawa

Sherard Wanigasekera
Mr. E.M.S.N.Ekanayaka

President, CineArt Circle, Univerity of Colombo